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SegStor is a Milestone XProtect Smart Client plug in which enables a user to perform bulk exports of many bookmarks for many cameras with a single action.


Compatible with Milestone Corporate & Expert Smart Client, this plug-in will allow a user to search for bookmarks for one or many cameras, establish the Export configuration(Milestone format, Media player format, still images)and perform Exports on all of those cameras in a single action. This plugin is intended to save a user time by removing the repetition that is present when performing an export for many bookmarks. In other words, the user can export a bunch of bookmarks at the same time.

Key features

Create single export ‘jobs’ which extend the base functionality of exporting with the Smart ClientSegStor SegStorExport

  • Export bookmarks to a path on a local storage device
  • Export bookmarks to an optical disc drive(DVD/BDR)**
  • Export video segments belonging to Bookmarks

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