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Centurion DiscHub Manager: Optical Volume Management Software

The Centurion DiscHub Manager is now available! Check out the Overview below for information about the major features the Centurion DiscHub Manager has to offer.

MSRP $3,500.00 USD for Digistore Solutions Centurion DiscHub bundled with StorageQuest Centurion DiscHub Manager


StorageQuest Centurion DiscHub Manager is an optical volume management program that provides an easy to use interface for archiving and retriving data with the Digistore Solutions Centurion DiscHub, a CD/DVD optical library with a capactity of 100 discs.

What it does

StorageQuest Centurion DiscHub Manager software is an optical volume management program designed to allow easy read/write and network access to the Digistore Solutions Centurion DiscHub 100 slot optical library.

The StorageQuest Centurion DiscHub Manager (SQCDHM) software is designed to provide easy access to the Centurion DiscHub by displaying it as a virtual drive, allowing it to be seen and accessed as any regular hard drive would, even to be shared on a network. From here SQCDHM provides a number of different features to make archiving and retriving data extremely easy:

Product Features

Industries and Common Use

Cost Effectiveness

With a MSRP of $3,000 USD for the Digistore Solutions Centurion DiscHub bundled with the StorageQuest Centurion DiscHub Manager, there has never been a more usable and cost effective archiving solution available. With a 100 disc capactiy the Centurion DiscHub is able to up to 450GB of archiving capactiy when using DVD-R media and 5TB of archiving capactiy with the upcoming Blu-Ray DiscHub. At these capacities the Centurion DiscHub and DiscHub Manager offer and competitive solution at a very competitive price.

Open Storage

All discs created by the Centurion DiscHub Manager are written in UDF, or Universal Disc Format.  These discs can be read on any computer with any modern operating system, without any special software.  Additionally, files are not encumbered with any proprietary encodings.  What this means to you is that the Centurion DiscHub Manager provides completely open storage management.  Because UDF is an open standard, you will always be able to access your data with or without Centurion DiscHub Manager, with no fear of vendor lock-in.