Management Team


Marwan Zayed, President and Chief Executive Officer


Marwan Zayed

Marwan Zayed has been a pioneer in the promotion of optical storage technologies for the past 20 years. Mr. Zayed served for 17 years as the President, General Manager, Chief Operating Officer and Production Manager of KOM inc. (previously K.O.MAIR & Associates), an optical storage connectivity provider, where he was responsible for refocusing the strategic direction from hardware OEM for Digital Equipment Corp. to become a significant player in the optical connectivity (software) market. Prior to KOM, Mr. Zayed spent 9 years with Digital Equipment Corporation in Field Service Logistics and Material control, and served as Data Centre Manager and Finance & Administration Manager. He has several years of management and sales & marketing experience in Data Storage and in Optical Storage specifically.



Mark G. Monaghan, Director Business Development

Mark G. Monaghan

Mark is the Director of Business Development at StorageQuest and focuses primarily on strategic planning, business development, and alliance formation.

With over 25 years of experience in the high technology industry, Mark has generated millions of dollars in revenue, directed corporate acquisitions, created strategic alliances, established global distribution networks, and managed hundreds of employees on four continents. His past roles include Chief Executive Officer of the Software Council of Southern California; National Manager of New Business Ventures for Sperry Corporation; Executive Vice-President and General Manager of Computer Logics, Ltd.; Director of Operations for Toshiba Information Systems; and Vice President and General Manager of Advanced Media, Inc. He is an Honors graduate from Algonquin College, Canada in Information Processing, and holds a Certificate in Investor Relations from the University of California, Irvine. Mark is Co-Chair of the Southern California Corporate Investment and Strategic Alliance Conference, and serves on the advisory board of several high technology companies and non-profit organizations.